• Retail Shelf Analytics Platform

    Transforming retail by shaving costs and boosting revenues.


Real Time Alerts

Shelfie uses computer vision to understand the shelf environment and alert staff about anything that needs help

Shelfie knows what the “perfect shelf” looks like and lets you and your store staff know in very simple terms, what needs fixing

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Measuring Success

By merging robotic technologies with computer vision and data analytics, Shelfie provides insights which have never been available to retailers before.

For the first time retailers can measure how quickly stock gaps are addressed or new merchandise planograms are rolled out, providing a metric that can be tracked and improved. We call this the SHELFIE INDEX.

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With all store staff targeting one simple metric, management of the shelves becomes a team effort and staff are motivated to help.

The Shelfie index can be measured across stores in a region, or across product segments and even right down to an individual product level

Shelfie pricing is usage based so you only pay for the amount of analysis required and can be adjusted in real-time to meet the demands of your store.

Plans are also available that include robots, drones and fixed cameras

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